Using Plunify Cloud

The Plunify cloud platform enables running of strategies using the massive computing power available by the public cloud platform.

Plunify Credits & Account

The Plunify cloud works on a credit based, pre-paid, pay-per minute model.

A Plunify user account is required in order to use the Plunify cloud. When submitting a Plunify cloud job, InTime will prompt for the user credentials of the account. Once authenticated,the number of credits linked to the account will be checked and if sufficient credits are available for the job, InTime will submit the job. '

For more information on how to buy credits as well as credit pricing, please refer to

Running a Plunify Cloud job

Watch Plunify Cloud Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Plunify Cloud.

Refer to

  1. To build on the cloud, change the Run Target in your Flow Properties to "Plunify Cloud". cloud properties.


    There is no concurrent runs limit on the cloud, whether it is 1 or 100. Always set this to be equal to the number of "Runs Per Round" to get results faster. There is no difference in credits consumed as well.

  2. A prompt will appear asking for your credentials cloud prompt

  3. After authenticating the credentials, pick a server. Note that different regions offer different type of servers. Different servers will consume different amount of credits due to difference in CPU and RAM. For the full details, please refer to the FAQ page. cloud_server

  4. InTime will proceed to upload the files to Plunify Cloud. A job ID will be assigned when the uploading is done. cloud_submitted

  5. To download your all your results and related files, just right-click on your job and select "Resume This Job". cloud_results

  6. To download selective results, select on the strategies with "Ctrl" key pressed and right click "Download Remote Results".

    • In this example, user wants to download results for idefault_31, idefault_34 and idefault_37. cloud_results

    • User is able to choose what type of files to download. For report files, check "Results File". For DCP files, check "Proejct File" checkbox. For bitstream files, check "Bit File" checkbox. User is able to overwrite files that were previously downloaded by checking "Overwrite existing files and results" checkbox. cloud_results