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Export InTime Results

After obtaining results in InTime, there are various ways to export the results to your FPGA project, a script and other formats.

Files generated by InTime

InTime will create a folders for individual job under the project folder. These folders will be named plunify.job/<jobid>. Under these folders, InTime will save report and logs. Besides logs, if you are using a full license, bit files can be generated if the property for "Create Bitstreams" property is enabled.


Use the flow set control_create_bitstreams true to enable the property.

For Vivado, DCP files will also be generated and can be used direcly to create the bitstream.

Export Strategies from InTime

Depending on the FPGA toolchain and project type, there are a few options for exporting the result Export options *The GUI shows just some possible values, not all.

To export to a CSV file using Tcl commands, e.g.

plunify> results export -results_csv
Refer to Tcl Reference for more details.

CSV File

The csv file will contain all the key results like TNS, WNS and also all the settings used for the strategy

Tcl Script

The Tcl script will contain a script that you can run in the FPGA tools to regenerate the exact same result as you see in InTime.


This is the only way to export the results and settings for a Vivado DCP project. Alternatively get the routed DCP files from the plunify.job/<jobid>folder.

In Tcl console, using the example in the screenshot (Job ID is 145 and strategy name is placement_1),

strategy set_active placement_1 145 
strategy export apply_placement_1.tcl -script_tcl

JUnit Test

To generate a JUnit type of report for the results, right click on the parent revision of a job. A sample report is as shown. JUnit Sample

You can also use a Tcl command to export this

plunify> results add last_job
plunify> results export sample_report.xml -junit_xml

External Database File

To manually migrate data between different projects, export results to an InTime Database file or to the InTime Server. See Sharing Results for details.

Critical Path HTML

This option exports the HTML text for the Critical Path Analysis.

plunify> results add job 123
plunify> results export sample.html -criticalpath_html
This example exports the critical path analysis for the job "123".

Apply Strategy To New Project Revision

This will export the settings used to a new design run or revision in the FPGA tool.

Provide a new revision name A prompt will appear to ask you to accept the default revision name or specify a new one.

For Vivado, after exporting, the strategy that you selected will create 2 new runs named explore_synth_1 and explore_impl_1 for the synthesis and implementation portions respectively.

For Quartus, a new revision will appear with the same strategy name.

Create Bitstream (For Vivado only)

If bitstreams are not created by default, this option will generate the bitstream file in the plunify.job/<jobid> folder.

Apply Strategy To Existing Project Revision (For Quartus only)

This option will apply the settings of the strategy to a existing revision in Quartus. If there are multiple revisions available, InTime will prompt you for the right revision. Provide a new revision name