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Multi-die Analysis


The tab provides insights on the SLR crossings in the design. The goal is to highlight the frequency and details of the paths that crosses the die. By aggregating multiple results, one can use this to identify which particular result has the least crossings or if the crossings are performance bottlenecks.

Crossing versus Non-Crossing

The first chart and table compares the number of paths crossing the die versus number of paths not crossing the die. Generally, the lower the % of paths crossing the die is correlated with better overall design performance.

crossing non_crossing

Worst Crossing Per SLR

This table shows which path has the worst slack that is crossing the SLR. It also shows the source and destination SLR. worst crossing

Total Negative Slack Per Instance

This table groups crossing paths based on source and destination instances. It shows which instance has the highest aggregate slack that is crossing the SLR. worst tns instance

This more insight into which instances are responsible for inter-die slacks and how these instances can be better placed on the die.